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The New British Druids cover

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The Secret Life of God is a kind of spiritual investigation into twenty-first century Britain. It chronicles how, in an age when institutional
religion is on the decline, people are finding new ways of believing and belonging, and puts the faces and places to the trend in which people are increasingly describing themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’.

Part travelogue, part reportage, the book reveals the Benedictine nuns striving to establish a start-up community, the Sufis exploiting the
spiritual possibilities of sound and the Druids forging a relationship with nature. Interwoven with a powerful narrative of loss and belonging, it is both a deeply personal book and one which tells a wider story about our evolving relationship with place and meaning.

You can read more about the book here and some extracts here. It is available in print and e-form on Amazon.

A series of short ebooks containing standalone extracts from the The Secret Life of God is available for those interested in specific topics. They are: The New British Druids, Sufi Circles, The New Monastics, Hidden Hermits.

My blog deals with subjects relating to the book – our relationship to place, nature and contemporary forms of faith and meaning.